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Construction and its Discontents, Part II

In our last episode we focused on flop construction, but if you were reading closely you came away with, or had reinforced, one of the most profound aspects of no-limit strategy, one which can buoy your play

The Character of Solve For , Part II

I caught the keys out of Steve: period to get hospital. Downstairs, Jason has been suffering. Earlier that afternoon, he’d recognized a ring of pain across his lower belly. I automatically felt this wasn’t gastric out of

The Character of Solve For , Part I

Matt Berkey is a sinewy man with a slender, somewhat bulbous skull, then shaven into the irregular surface his pock marked and tough face enables. His mouthlined with a solid nasolabial fold, is most obviously severe. If

Intelligent Times of Vegas, Part VII

The coming of the longtime poker pal, Gargamel, compelled me to expand my stay in vegas. I wasn’t excited to depart after all, and also the additional bed for me in the inquisitive and uneponymous Mandalay Bay was a

Bright Days of Vegas, Part VI

Fausto raises. Fausto raises quickly. When he attacks the lead from the small blind, he is acting, in part, out of habit. He has left the sphere of totally deductive play. I can see him taking this

Bright Days of Vegas, Part V

Midway through the week the cheerful Club de Soleil would add an extra guest, one not on ChipXtractor’s official docket. Both taller and bigger than you might suspect from his class-trip-to-AMNH-to-examine-the-lives-of-chips avatar, Fausto Valdez gives the first impression of

Bright Days of Vegas, Part IV

In some respects being solitary, my lifelong theme, is a luxury. The frustrations of my last relationship had featured highs and lows in Las Vegas, where my natural need to have a woman nearby vexed my horrible

Capped Game Spots, Part II

Differing from the first installment of this slightly dull series of posts, aimed specifically at the die-hards (including myself) and the cubicle grinders who read my pieces on smartphones between hands or on the toilet at work, these

Capped Game Spots, Part I

Over the span of two successive sessions, both completely profitable and usually satisfactory, I had been included in hands which had me imagining myself then and today. What makes them worth working on is, strangely, even when I

Poker Blog Roll, part VI

The last time we spoke about it he was asking me to use my credit card (again) to restash, and I said no. He got angry, I stood my ground, and he never asked me for money