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Pengantar GTO + – Outside of Position

Anda – pemain yang menang di masa depan – masa akan membutuhkan atau menginginkan pemecah masalah di beberapa titik. Jika Anda sudah tahu mengapa, saya tidak perlu memberi tahu Anda betapa hebatnya alat itu. Seorang palantir, salah

Apostlypse Now – Out of Position

TBR vanguard member Jason talks with me about two big events in poker. The first is the Mike Postle scandal at Sacramento’s Stones Gambling Hall, which has dominated poker social media all week. The second, a quieter

All Vlogs Revealed: Patterns – Out of Position

Our theme, if you’ve been keeping up, has been looking closely at the pattern of images, the only way to truly analyze what is going on in the video medium, because that is the moving canvas of

More Vlogs Revealed – Out of Position

If someone doesn’t like what you are doing, you just ignore them! It’s a novel approach to life, positivity, really. So new, in fact, that the word itself doesn’t even register in the secondary dictionary which red-lines

Much Revealed – Out of Position

Unfortunately, I am not a man of my word, but it doesn’t mean I’m not trying. Perhaps the secret was not to go so in depth, when really, few care besides me about what is behind the

Ryan the Lion – Out of Position

As we know from being around poker players and the scene, the persona we see at the table is usually a trivial portion of our opponent’s full life, or occasionally, even a completely deceptive image. Professional poker

Vegas Matinée – Out of Position

Up, high among the shadowy beams of the ceiling or an unclear memory, I see or imagine a fan spinning so deliberately that I’d be wiser to say it was turning. An illusion of memory, though –

All Vlogs Revealed: Boski – From Position

A new generation of poker players will be generating tens of thousands of hours of formerly infrequent poker material: The private poker movie log, aka vlog. Within this show, I’ll try to examine all of them. It

Ace Minus Performance – From Position

With a few conclusion following an abysmal night of gastronomic and alcoholic debauchery, triggered with realized I abandoned that the crock pot while driving at an slow rush hour, then I left it to the tiny card

Tadas Peckaitis, Poker Coach – Out of Position

While I was sweating out my tournament blogging gig back in November, I received an email from Tadas Peckaitis, online low stakes poker coach. He had apparently stumbled onto my blog and was wondering if there was